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Fic title: I'd Rather Fight With You
Author name: sweet_lyri
Artist name: dashed
Pairing: Jared/Jensen. Mentions of Chris/Danneel and Chad/Katie. Past mentions of Jensen/Danneel, Jensen/Katie, Jared/Sandy, and Chad/Sophia and a few surprises that I won't mention.
Summary: When Jared decided to spend his summer working at a camp, he was expecting it to be easy. But Head Counselor, Jensen, seems to have a personal grudge against him, and Jared doesn't know what he did wrong. Until the last night of camp, anyway, when the reasons behind Jensen's bitchiness become apparent. Now summer's over, and Jared thinks he's leaving his summer tryst behind him as he moves into a new building at STU. But what's he going to do when he finds out that Jensen lives there too?
Link to fic: Here
Program used: Photoshop CS3
Resources: Here

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